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About the project

We're working with the community to shape the long-term transformation of the land either side of the River Frome in St Jude's, known as Frome Gateway, to better meet the needs of the city and the local community.

Our ambition is for Frome Gateway to become an exemplar neighbourhood recognised for high-quality and sustainable design and construction, its unique identity and community spirit, and its ability to support communities to live healthy and sustainable lifestyles. We want the regeneration of Frome Gateway to be the city’s most bold and ambitious response to the climate and ecological emergencies to date and will be exploring this as a priority design theme.

However, change at Frome Gateway will not be driven solely by Bristol City Council. There are approximately 32 landowners in the Frome Gateway regeneration area, as well as a rich network of existing businesses, and community and cultural facilities. There are also some complex infrastructure requirements needed to ensure the area can successfully accommodate growth. Bristol City Council is therefore leading the approval of a Regeneration Framework to bring these stakeholders together around a common vision and set of principles to lead long-term change.

Creating the Regeneration Framework

We want Frome Gateway to become a thriving mixed-use neighbourhood with: 
  • new homes
  • better community and public spaces
  • improved green and blue spaces, including the River Frome
  • new job opportunities 
To do this, we’ve produced a Regeneration Framework for Frome Gateway. Regeneration Frameworks are prepared where a lot of change is anticipated over a long period of time over multiple land ownerships, and are used to: 
  • Bring together city planning, transport and design thinking to establish a long-term vision and strategy for change in an area.
  • Ensure long-term change is considered more holistically and strategically to arrive at the most appropriate, balanced and deliverable vision and strategy for change
  • Guide and determine planning applications in line with the long-term vision and regeneration objectives.

We will work collaboratively with the community to achieve our ambitions and to ensure they have a meaningful influence on shaping the future of the Frome Gateway. You can learn more about the scope of community influence on the project and our engagement approach here.

Businesses play an important role in the life of the city and in St Judes, and our ambition is to create a mixed neighbourhood where homes and businesses can co-exist.

As part of Bristol’s One City Plan, we are committed to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including addressing poverty, inequality, health and wellbeing, and the environment, to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The regeneration of Frome Gateway will be underpinned by these principles.

Where our work is focussed

Frome Gateway is in St Jude’s, Lawrence Hill. The area is north of Bristol City Centre and is bordered by Newfoundland Way/M32 to the west, Pennywell Road to the east, Houlton Street/Wade Street to the south and the north by Easton Way. The map below shows the full area:

Site map image

The Frome Gateway regeneration area is currently home to a number of businesses. The area also includes a range of community and cultural facilities including the Riverside Youth Project, Al-Baseera Mosque, the Jam Jar and The Swan with Two Necks pub. The River Frome cuts right through the middle of the site, which also includes Riverside Park. You can find out more about the Frome Gateway area here, and read about the history of the River Frome here.

The regeneration of Frome Gateway will be focussed on the ‘core regeneration area’ shown in the map above. This area will see significant change in the future as land is brought forward to deliver new homes, workspaces and community facilities. The core regeneration area will also see improvements to public and green spaces and infrastructure to support growth in this area, such as Riverside Park.

Development proposals won’t be brought forward in the ‘wider area of local context’ as part of the Frome Gateway regeneration project, however it will be important for us to consider how new development in the core regeneration area works with, and is connected to, the surrounding area.

Why Frome Gateway

Bristol City Council is beginning this project in response to a number of factors:

Changing planning policy

Frome Gateway has been identified as an 'Area of Growth and Regeneration' in the council’s emerging Local Plan due to its proximity to Bristol city centre and the presence of underused land which provides the opportunity for comprehensive regeneration in a sustainable location. By building in a central location, we can protect green spaces around and outside the city, as well as making it easier for people to walk, cycle or catch public transport to jobs, leisure and retail centres. 

The need for local investment to reduce inequality

There is a recognised need for investment in this area which supports local communities to access jobs and training, better quality and affordable housing, improve health and wellbeing, and reduce inequality.

The housing crisis

Bristol needs to build homes in response to the housing crisis. Bristol’s Draft Local Plan commits the city to deliver at least 33,500 new homes by 2036 to support Bristol’s growing population and meet this housing need.

Supporting the local and city economy

The new development will help support the local and city economy, including Stapleton Road, as well as delivering a range of other uses including work, community, and cultural spaces, which are vital to building vibrant communities.

Plans for the regeneration of the Frome Gateway area will include a mix of employment uses and workspaces.

If you are a local business and haven’t yet spoken to the team, please get in touch:

The climate and ecological emergencies

Better quality houses, public spaces and walking, cycling, and public transport connections will help to make it easier for residents to live more environmentally friendly lifestyles and help us to prepare for the impacts of climate change including greater occurrence of flood events and heat waves.

Growing interest from the private sector to bring forward new development in this area

Bristol City Council has some but limited ability to control what new development comes forward, and there is a growing interest from developers to invest in the area. The Regeneration Framework to guide long-term change in the area, will make sure that change and investment is managed and coordinated in such a way which benefits residents, businesses and the city.  

What’s happened already

You can find out what we’ve done so far and where in the project we’re up to on the project timeline and work to date page.